VERDUGO: Takutan

Writer/s: Budjette Tan, Jb Tapia

Artist/s: Jb Tapia

TRESE presents VERDUGO: Takutan. He is Carlos Trese, the first born of Anton Trese.

Carlos followed the path of the mandirigma; the warrior and defender of the city from all supernatural threats and the forces of darkness. His reputation of being a ruthless hunter of the guilty has earned him the name of Verdugo.

For decades, the Trese Family has helped maintain a balance between the underworld and the human world by establishing a set of rules, simply knowas The Agreements.

The responsibility of maintaining this order now rests on the shoulders of his young sister, Alexandra Trese. Tonight, the Verdugo’s one-man war has put the Agreements in peril.

This comic is also part of TRESE: Bloodlines Vol. 1.

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