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RAYKOSEN is a multimedia artist and Creative Director for brand design and mobile games. His specialization is illustration and graphic and web design. Ray debuted as a self-published comic artist in 2002. Ray eventually became a game illustrator, logo designer, character designer, layout artist, scriptwriter, and comic book illustrator. In 2015, Ray was invited to participate in an artist talk in Japan to share his learnings and experiences. Ray is an alumnus of De La Salle- College of Saint Benilde and completed the course, Bachelor of Arts - Major in Multimedia Arts. In his course, he specialized in 2D illustrations, comics, and interactive art. In March 2015, he graduated from a Japanese Language, Culture, and Arts course in Aoyama International Education Institute in Shibuya, Tokyo. Ray lived in Tokyo and worked as a visual and comic artist for four years. Ray is currently into creating posts for his YouTube Channel and streaming his art to different social media platforms.

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