Cross Court

Writer/s: Jeri

Artist/s: Jeri

After a year of failing to land a spot on her school’s volleyball team, Denise finally does it. Even if she was a non-starter. At least this time she has a chance to prove to her family that she, too, can play just like them.

However, her chances of playing in an official match get slimmer as new and better recruits join the team. One of which is Yana, a promising young athlete who is known for her great reflexes and precision. Yana’s determined to refine her skills to reach her ultimate goal: To join an international team.

One day, as the team goes on a retreat by the sea, Yana and Den decide to play beach volleyball. And from that moment on, everything changes.

Coming to Kumu Penlab Originals in Q4 2022.

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